Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today was one of those days I just love. I woke up this morning, thinking I wasn't going to get a thing accomplished for a variety of reasons: laziness, lack of confidence, time and money. But I sucked it up and got started on a few projects.

After standing in the rain for *approximately* four hours at Touch-A-Truck, I headed over to Home Depot and used about $90 of my gift cards (procured through AmEx rewards! Yay for free cash!). I bought all the necessary supplies to redo my drabby utility door. I popped for the fancy Purdy paintbrushes, picked up a foam roller (which was as awesome as Ashley over at Decorating Obsessed claims) and also snagged a pretty kick-ass power sander for $40.

After a great HD trip, I stopped by Westwood Gardens and let a teenage boy pick out my plants for me. I recently dug out my bed around the mailbox wanted some hardy groundcover. We, I mean, he decided to go with Snow on the Mountain, which has a beautiful mix of greens. It flowers in the early summer, so we should be seeing some pretty white blooms shortly. This plant should outlast any attempts by my postal carrier to deliver my mail by driving onto my lawn.

I finished up the day by planting the groundcover, starting the flip on my living room bookcase, painting the door and prepping the vent. Tomorrow I plan on painting the vent and bringing the ladder bookcase/desk out to the entry area to see how it looks.

Where'd the door go? That vent better watch its back.

See that mysterious hole where the doorknob should be? Well, in just a few short weeks, I will be the proud honor of new (to me) antique brass levers! I found a huge lot of them on eBay for $200, and miraculously the lot contained the exact combination of privacy and passage levers as well as deadlocks and entry doors. And in a "pinch me" moment, the seller is in Omaha and agreed to knock $50 off the price if I could pay cash and pick them up locally. So my wonderful father-in-law agreed to help this cheap DIY-er (in training) out, and he'll pick them up Monday. I'm so excited!

Be on the lookout for more updates once I finally complete some projects and continue prep for the Great Garage Sale of 2010.