Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sorry for the silence.

But when you write 81 pages in your journal, you kind of feel like you have nothing left to say. Believe me, for a former Chatty Cathy, this is kind of a new phenomenon. But I have photos, and hopefully these will speak for themselves. Sorry for the lack of captions, but I'll give you a quick overview of my trip, and you can figure it out from there.

Wednesday — We travel about 14 hours from JFK to Zurich to Tel Aviv. We arrive on Thursday, do a few icebreakers and hit the sack. Well, I did at least.
Friday — We went to Tsfat, one of the four holy cities. We met with a Kabbalist from Detroit. We also went to a winery near the Lebanese border. We had Shabbat dinner.
Saturday — After Shabbat we did havdalah and then went to Tiberias for a night out.
Sunday – We went hiking in the Golan Heights. We then went to a military bunker and met the soldiers and students for the first time.
Monday — We went to a kibbutz, had lunch in a small town and then went to a Beduoin tent. We rode camels and then went to another small town for a Purim service.
Tuesday — Early morning hiking up Musada at sunrise. Long Day — wading in a natural spring, bouncing in the Dead Sea and then driving to Tel Aviv for dinner and sleep after an activity.
Wednesday — We visited Ben-Gurion's home, heard an awesome lecture on current Israeli politics and conflicts, went the Tel Aviv market and fashion district and visit Rabin Square. We went to a restaurant and had sharshuka and then went to Purim party/concert with a bunch of other Birthright groups. We drove to Jerusalem after the party and arrived at our final hostel at 1 a.m.
Thursday — Day in the Old City. Lunch in the Jewish Quarter. We visited the wailing wall. We said good-bye to some of our soldier and student friends. That night we started discussing the Holocaust.
Friday – We went to Yad Voshem and Mount Herzl cemetery. After that we went to a shuk and then had Shabbat dinner. We stayed up pretty late that night because it was our last in the hostel.
Saturday — We slept in quite a bit and spent the day packing and doing our final activities. We had havdalah and then went to an Israeli barbecue place. We spent our last night shopping and going out around Ben Yehuda street. Then we drove straight to Tel Aviv and got on a plane.

The End. Enjoy the pictures.

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