Sunday, February 1, 2009

People in Arkansas are going bat-shit-crazy...

If my slideshow didn't convince you, this might:

Driving to work today, a pair of guys behind in an old Bonneville were wearing 3-D glasses.

Who does that?!

It must be the weather. Everyone's got cabin fever.

When I picked up pizza from Papa John's this evening, they had spelled my name Missell. Interesting.

A pit bull found its way into our yard today. A fat, ugly one I had never seen before. Luckily Olivia was inside when he made his entrance (and he was obviously looking for some female action if you know what I mean). The dog didn't have a collar nor tags and I had never seen it before, so I called the police.

I don't know what scared me more — the dog or the officer saying "If that dog looks at you that way one more time than I'm just going to shoot it."

Ah, small-town cops.

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eeds said...

Hey! I'm killing time and resting my brain and stumbled upon your new blog. And, the first post made me laugh before I even read it. :)