Sunday, February 22, 2009

New look for now...

My prior blog design was getting a little stale to me. I originally picked it because it seemed to scream "BALEBOOSTEH!" at me. It seemed a bit old world meets new world. But I've grown a little tired of it.

Truth be told, I toyed with the idea of taking this blog elsewhere. Over to WordPress to be specific. You see at work we use the WordPress interface for our staff blogs and some staff sites, so I thought it would help me learn more to use the same interface over her at BiT. But then I wandered over to WordPress and all the templates just seemed fug.

Now, of course I could spend hours and hours designing my own, but I don't know if I'm there yet. Plus -- not that you'd know it by the comments section -- I have some pretty regular readers and quite a few subscribers on readers, so there would be potential abandonment issues I'd have to deal with.

So for now, I'll stay put here, but I gave my site a quick update. Yes, it's very green, and I will probably get sick of it before long. But for now it's very me (which is precisely why it'll get changed sooner rather than later).

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