Saturday, January 3, 2009

Running Log #3

Workout — 1 mile run outdoors
Total mileage running — 1 mile
Total mileage — 1
Time — 11:02
Pace — 5.37 mph
Highest Heart Rate — 191
Average Heart Rate — 178
Calories Burned — 129
Overall Report — It was a fabulous day outside so I decided to take advantage and run a mile outside. It's my first straight mile in months, so I wanted to kind of use it as a base point of sorts. It's also the first time I used Trailguru, which is a free iPhone application that uses the GPS in my phone to track my path, elevation and pace. All that gets downloaded to a Web site where it gives me handy-dandy charts (I <3 charts!) and tracks my overall progress. Overall, the run was good. My pace was slower than I'd like, but I entered quite a bit of wind today.

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