Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So here I am...

Sitting at work, talking (virtually) to (fake Internet) friends, ringing in the New Year with my husband (who is sitting two cubes away — psst...Happy New Year, honey!).


2008 is almost over. It was a year full of rolling hills of anticipation and letdowns, but I survived with my sanity mostly intact.

Let's recap shall we?

January: My friend Jennifer moves to Costa Rica, leaving me behind in God-forsaken Arkansas. Kansas beats Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. I watch the first the half at work, while screaming at my co-workers that the Jayhawks were going to lose even though they never trailed throughout the entire game.

February: Hmmm. I know Valentine's Day was stuck in here somewhere, but hell if I remember anything about this month. (Hint to hubs: Make Valentine's Day more memorable this year.) Oh yeah, I buy Ryan a BlackBerry.

March: I turn 25. Ryan is out of town. Ryan almost dies in the Georgia Dome. KU starts its march to the National Championship. I am certain the Jayhawks will lose in the Sweet Sixteen, but I pick them to win it all in a game over Memphis anyway.

April: I win lots of money. And then my grandfather dies.

May: Ryan and I have first wedding-related event in Omaha. More people host the shower than attend. I meet Anna and am extremely thankful.

June: After what seems like forever, I convert to Judaism. Ryan and I have shower in Topeka. I apply for a job on a whim, interview and fall in love with it.

July: I get offered dream job, cry for days then let guilt win. I apply for business editor, don't get it, then buy myself an iPhone to make myself feel better. I make an appointment with a therapist.

August: I go to two appointments with therapist. She tells me I need to stop protecting everyone and says I should take anti-anxiety medication. Therapist gets sick, canceling our third appointment. I never go back nor get the medication. I get married and forget to smile going down the aisle.

September: Ryan and I go on our mini-moon during Hurricane Gustav or Ike. Instead of swimming we watch the RNC and heckle Joe Lieberman and Sarah Palin. I relaunch my blog. Ryan turns 28. I go to several KU football games. My dad goes to none.

October: I finally give "dressy casual" the finger. Ryan and I celebrate three years of togetherness by taking a "pleasure trip" to Van Buren in an overpriced caboose. It is pretty awful. We meet Laine and Adam at a cool wine bar with weird hired help.

November: I host Thanksgiving. No china is broken. Kansas beats Missouri. Ryan and I rejoice in the snow. We leave Olivia for an extended vacation with the grandparents. Our house is free from hair for a month.

December: Ryan and I drive all over the place to celebrate the holidays. I go to California for the first time. We finally collect Olivia, much to Ryan's excitement. I find out I'm going to Israel. I get another invitation to an event demanding "dressy casual attire." I decide to get some anti-anxiety medicine. I can't bring myself to take medicine. I get new job after interviewing internally. I accept my Birthright trip the same day Isreal bombs Gaza. I win "Most Fabulous Wedding of 2008" from the Realies. Kansas beats Minnesota in the Insight Bowl. I want a Wii.

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