Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running Log #1

This'll bore you to tears. Sorry.

Workout — 0.25/.5/.25 intervals with .25 in between.
Total mileage running — 1 mile.
Total mileage — 2 miles
Time — 30 minutes including cooldown
Pace — 5.5 mph for the quarter-mile intervals; 6 mph for the half-mile portion
Highest Heart Rate — 195 (yikes, I don't think this is good)
Average Heart Rate 150
Calories Burned
— 234
Overall Report
— Not bad, but my upper body was sore from body pump the day before.


maris said...

was this on a treadmill?

Michelle said...

Yep,on a treadmill using the new Polar heart-rate monitor my mom gave me. I plan on training on the treadmill until March using intervals then reducing the time in between my runs outside.