Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here I go...

So, first things first:

I got a new job!

After working more than two years at The Morning News, I will be working at The Morning News.

Yeah, so it's not that exciting, but it's still a change and a challenge, which is just what I need right now. I'll be the web content editor, so truly the possibilities are endless and I can't wait to get started -- which may take a while because they have to find a replacement for me first.

What does this mean? It means I don't have to work nights anymore! Yea! It means Ryan and I will have more opportunities to spend time together. Sure we'll probably fight more, but we might cuddle more, too. It'll even out in the end I'm sure.

Secondly, I finally clicked on the orange button and confirmed my Birthright trip. I bought a ridiculously inexpensive flight and will be staying with Marissa a few nights on the tail-end of my vacation.

So that means 2009 will triple my international experience between my trip to Israel and our trip to Belize. I talked my gyno into giving me some anti-anxiety meds to take for the flights, but she says I need to try them out first.

I keep telling myself to remember to take them before a high-anxiety situation and see how it works out. Is it weird that I can't think of any?

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