Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What do you get when you combine a pinecone sale and a newlywed with lots of leftover paper?

Complete and utter over-the-top-ness.

In my defense, I have some picky friends who would like to sit next to so-and-so and not next to another so-and-so. And since my table is a tight squeeze, I wanted to make sure the guys were on the corners and had plenty of elbow-room. I figured it was nicer to do this instead of being bossy. (Now I'm just covertly bossy.)

Besides it took about five minutes and the leftover pine cones went into my trifle bowl to make an excellent (and yummy smelling) centerpiece on the coffee table where I'm serving the appetizers.

See what you folks are missing in Arkansas?

1. Set the table (check)
2. Do last-minute shopping (check)
3. Make seating assignments (check)

1. Brine the turkey
2. Prepare wet and dry ingredients and refrigerate
3. Make pumpkin pies and put in cool place
4. Make appetizer tray and refrigerate
5. Prepare biscuit dough, wrap and refrigerate
6. (add) Clean the rest of the house, including guest bathroom and make sign reminding guests to jiggle the handle

1a. Get up ass early and immediately turn off the heat in the house
1b. Get up ass early, stuff turkey and get it in the oven
2. Try not to screw it up
3. Bake sweet potato biscuits
4. Shower (Hopefully Ryan arrives around this point and starts helping!)
5. Banish Olivia to the back yard
6. Put out appetizers/wine
7. Set up buffet area and clean kitchen
8. Fill glasses with ice
9. Eat
10. Clean
11. Go to work

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Jennifer said...

Ooh, I wish I could be there.