Saturday, November 1, 2008

Waving the Wheat!

I'm on my couch waving the wheat for KU as the Jayhawks trounce the KSU Wildcats 31-0 in the first half. It's the first game this season I elected not to attend. Ryan asked if I was disappointed, but I chose expanding my social life and attending a party instead.

We went to a Halloween party last night in Fayetteville. I went as Sarah Palin and Ryan went as a blind referee. My costume was a hit, though I was not intoxicated enough or comfortable enough to throw out my Alaskan accent at whim. I was mostly met with boos throughout the night, but what was most interesting was the reaction from my fellow male guests. Even though I was probably the most covered-up women there, guys still found my costume attractive. I guess now I understand the GOP appeal.

I really wish my friend JT was here right now because I bet I could convince her to go with me to a certain political candidate's rally in Springfield tonight. Part of me wants to get in my car by myself and go. I know it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I also know I promised my husband dinner and a movie tonight -- which we both know is a rare event. Hopefully I'll have another chance to see this certain political candidate in person another time. He's truly changed my outlook on life and may have inspired Ryan and I to finally take the plunge in another direction.

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