Friday, November 28, 2008

Photoless T'Giving Recap

So I kind of am an idiot and didn't really take any photos of our Thanksgiving festivities. I had these grand schemes of taking lots of pictures and posting them along with all the recipes. Oops.

I am going on about 20 hours awake after two hours of sleep last night. I woke up at 6 a.m., realized I was a little over-prepared, but still managed to run myself ragged all morning.

Overall, it was a success. We actually started eating at 1 p.m. I'm so proud. I figure that I had the meal ready -- including the turkey carved -- at exactly our mealtime on my first time out deserves some kind of recognition.

Grading my Thanksgiving:

• Decor — A-
I'm pretty damn proud of my place cards (Alex called them name tags), and I got a lot of compliments on my table arrangement.
• Turkey — C+ for execution, B for taste
Prepping this turkey was a pain in my ass and I made it harder on myself by making a mess every step of the way. I also did not anticipate that the breast would cook faster than the thighs and wings, though after some quick googling I see this is fairly common. It kind of threw me for a loop, though, and caused the bird to be overdone. I'm kind of disappointed that I screwed up the turkey a bit because I hear such good things about brining, but I think my mistakes might have limited the turkey's potential.
• Challah stuffing — B- for execution, B+ for taste
I was probably not the best person to make the stuffing because I've never had stuffing before. I also stick to the safe-looking things on the Thanksgiving menu. I made a few mistakes, and I think it was soggier than it should have been, but not a bad dish all around.
• Cranberry relish — B
I'm giving this a B because only one person bothered to eat it (and it wasn't me). I knew it wasn't a favorite in the South, but I mostly made it as an homage to my grandparents.
• Sweet Potato biscuits — B
I got this recipe from a friend, and they didn't measure up to her incarnation of them. Maybe I overcooked them a tad? They were the last thing into the oven and by that point I was mostly winging it.
• Pumpkin Pie — A
This pie was so good. I found the recipe online and it uses ice cream instead of evaporated milk. I don't think I'll ever eat a regular pumpkin pie again.
• Appetizer Trays — A-
I made a cheese/cracker tray and a veggie tray. My only complaint is that perhaps I put too much out at first.

So that's that. Overall, I think everyone had a good time. I still have to put away the flatware and finish cleaning the stove and roasting pan in the morning. I might make it out to BBB for Black Friday, but it's just as likely I'll skip it and sleep in. Finally.

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