Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The latest installment in what I'll now call the "What the feck was I thinking?!?!" series.

I always hear you're supposed to actually READ the recipe before beginning to cook. And I swear, I think I read it. But truth-be-told, I probably only skim it to make sure I can, in fact, tackle it.

Sure enough, about halfway into preparing the stuffing this afternoon, I realized I missed a crucial step and proceeded to hurriedly un-mix my stuffing. (Yea, this is not really possible. Humor me.)

Also, I totally mis-read (probably didn't read) the brining directions. So that set me back a few hours (and I was late to work).

I swear I'm a good cook. I just get ahead of myself (all the time) sometimes.

Anyway, I'm about to head home and finish up the brining of the turkey and prep the sweet potato biscuits for baking tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

1. Set the table (check)
2. Do last-minute shopping (check)
3. Make seating assignments (check)

1. Brine the turkey (kinda/sorta check)
2. Prepare wet and dry ingredients for stuffing and refrigerate (check — after a struggle)
3. Make pumpkin pies and put in cool place (check)
4. Make appetizer tray and refrigerate (check)
5. Prepare biscuit dough, wrap and refrigerate (almost)
6. (add) Clean the rest of the house, including guest bathroom and make sign reminding guests to jiggle the handle (check!)

1a. Get up ass early and immediately turn off the heat in the house
1b. Get up ass early, stuff turkey and get it in the oven
2. Try not to screw it up
3. Bake sweet potato biscuits
4. Shower (Hopefully Ryan arrives around this point and starts helping!)
5. Banish Olivia to the back yard
6. Put out appetizers/wine
7. Set up buffet area and clean kitchen
8. Fill glasses with ice
9. Eat
10. Clean
11. Go to work

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