Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's out of my hands now.

The turkey is in the oven -- about 30 minutes before I really wanted to put it in, but once it was stuffed I figured it was better safe than sorry.

Last night was a struggle -- literally. I dumped water all over the kitchen floor about three times. For future reference, I will no longer brine a turkey and expect to carry it, plus the gallons of water it is submerged in, across the kitchen.

I have to say, nothing quite prepares you for pulling the neck out of your first turkey -- especially when you kind of forgot it was in there. I remembered to pull the baggie out and put it in the fridge last night when I was brining the turkey, but the neck completely escaped my mind. So when I was about to stuff the turkey and I reached in and felt a block of ice around the neck I was not amused. Let's just say I'm one step closer to being a vegetarian and Ryan will be disposing of the neck that sits in my sink when he gets home in a few hours. Gross.gross.gross.

Now that the bird is a-roasting (and I've come to grips with the fact that my stuffing will suck), it's time to think about what I'm thankful for:

• My husband. I think we have the most stable (and silly) relationship I know.
• My job and our house. As much as I complain about both my job and our house, I'm so grateful we have them.
• Our wedding. I STILL would have rather eloped, but I'm glad we had our wedding because it made Ryan happy. (And I have something to hold over his head for years. Hehe.)
• My family (both biological and of the in-law variety). I've been through some trying times this year, and I'm thankful for the support system of our families.
• Our pooch. Olivia is simply the
• My best friend. Marissa single-handedly was pretty much my entire cheering section for the duration of the wedding and she did it all the way from Brooklyn.
• My friends Anna and Jennifer. Though one is in Costa Rica, these two girls make living here a bit more bearable.

1. Set the table (check)
2. Do last-minute shopping (check)
3. Make seating assignments (check)

1. Brine the turkey (check)
2. Prepare wet and dry ingredients for stuffing and refrigerate (check — after a struggle)
3. Make pumpkin pies and put in cool place (check)
4. Make appetizer tray and refrigerate (check)
5. Prepare biscuit dough, wrap and refrigerate (check)
6. (add) Clean the rest of the house, including guest bathroom and make sign reminding guests to jiggle the handle (check!)

1a. Get up ass early and immediately turn off the heat in the house (check)
1b. Get up ass early, stuff turkey and get it in the oven (check)
2. Try not to screw it up (tbd)
3. Bake sweet potato biscuits
4. Shower (Hopefully Ryan arrives around this point and starts helping!)
5. Banish Olivia to the back yard
6. Put out appetizers/wine
7. Set up buffet area and clean kitchen
8. Fill glasses with ice
9. Eat
10. Clean
11. Go to work

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