Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Thoughts from Arkansas

• This scares the shit out of me every time I open my garage door after dark:

It's not simply the SIZE of the Bethelhem star, nor is it the ugliness of the Nativity set. It's not even the fact that Thanksgiving is still more than a week away. It's just the fact that I always think there's a car with headlights on right behind me as I'm about to pull out into the road. This display has been up for at least a week, and I'm still not used to its garishness.

• I hate the holiday season. I hate gift-giving at this time. It's so expected, so coerced, so not what I need right now. I've ranted about this before, and I'm afraid my feelings have only grown more bah humbug on the topic. My poor kids are going to have miserable holidays, I know.

• On Friday, Ryan and I have a date. Now to most of the world, this isn't a big time. BUT Friday night will be the first night Ryan and I both have off that we're spending by ourselves since our wedding. The only other mutual nights off were our trip to Omaha and this past Saturday when we went to the Texas game. I think we're going to stay in and rent some movies so we can save enough money to buy Christmas/Hanukkah presents. We're so exciting.

• P.S. -- S. Of course I wouldn't have a nativity scene in front of my house. Silly girl.


Silvy said...
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Silvy said...

hahahahah i was wondering what exactly it was, but i wasn't going to ask any questions. i thought, hmm, i'm pretty sure michelle and ryan are jewish, but whatever. i'm deleting my comment :). oh goodness.