Monday, October 13, 2008

::Hugs OJ::

In this age of Facebook, MySpace, gChat and more, it is certainly possible to be friends with someone you haven't seen in years. Conversations are had through a few quick clicks of the keyboard. Smiles are conveyed with punctuation.

But is it possible that some of your best friends are girls you have never met?

Well, now I think so. So do about 100 of my closest friends.

About a year ago, I signed up for an account on a Kansas City message board. The idea was to trade wedding advice, get the dish on the best and worst vendors and complain about all the problems that come with planning the most important day of your life.

It started out simply enough. I would go days without checking in. I had no idea who these people were (save for one who I went to college with). But, very quickly, I knew everything about them and found myself confiding in them, even relying on them.

As a group, we have raised money for children in need during the holidays. We have celebrated weddings and births. Shared miscarriages and divorces. Helped each other lose weight, conquer a fear, laugh at themselves.

But nothing could have prepared us for this.

Today, we mourn the death of Orangina's sweet husband Robbie. OJ is now a widow at 24, something that no one, no one, should ever have to understand.

It's true that no one but us understands the connection that we have. Ryan simply calls them the "Realies," a nickname derived from our Web address, the nearest thing to a hangout that we have. He's even met a few at a Royals game.

But I think he finally got it this morning as he watched me cry about a girl I have never even met.

So from Snookies0608 to Orangina: ::HUGS::

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