Thursday, October 30, 2008

File This Away

I know there are a lot of Americans out there who are scared of Barack Obama. So scared that they are angry. So angry that they say prejudiced, hateful things. While I get enraged every time I hear a story of another Obama effigy hanging from a noose in the South or see a business sign saying that he is a socialist, I understand this is all rooted in fear. Naturally a lot of us are afraid of change. A lot of us are afraid to hope, for fear that we will be duped, led astray or disappointed.

In this election, it's as much about fear as it is about the economy and change.

For those who won't vote for Barack Obama for real reasons, I respect you. But he WILL become president because the majority of Americans see him as a turning point.

So please file away Obama's infomercial from last night and watch it when the anger and fear have worn off. You'll understand why scores of Americans have already voted for him and millions more will on Election Day.

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