Monday, June 16, 2008

Two-month hiatus over... A new beginning.

In a week, I will be a Jew.

I'm excited. I can say "Oy vey" and no one will look at me sideways. I will fully embrace saying "Mazel tov!" I can have a shared culture with my husband-to-be. We'll have a shared history. I'll be able to take on a new identity twice in one year. First I'll become a Jew and then I'll be a Malashock. (Both are equally as exciting, but for vastly different reasons.)

I'm also scared. Becoming Jewish means a lot of fun things, but it also means some very scary things, too. It means taking on the history of a much-persecuted people. It means standing up for fellow Jews all over the world with my words and my actions. It means not staying silent when I hear a Jewish slur and stereotype. Because in a week, that will be me they are slurring. That will be me they are stereotyping. And I can say I was offended by it before, when it was Ryan, his family and friends who were the targets, but, really, it will be much, much more personal.

Wish me luck on an exciting, scary next chapter.

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Jennifer said...

Good luck, friend. I'm proud.