Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kosher Update

Ryan and I are still keeping kosher* by the way.

I really didn't know if we'd get through football, Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays, but I've been so proud for Ryan and myself.

Ryan has had the toughest time. At football events, they offer very little variety. (The athletic department provides a catered meal for the media.) Usually it'll be all hot dogs or all pizza. I kept encouraging Ryan to bring his own lunch or speak up for
himself. Well, finally after being offered either sausage pizza or pepperoni pizza, he asked if next time they could get a few cheese pizzas. And they said OK. So that's progress...

Through all of this my mom has been the most supportive of all. Without me asking, she has bought special food for me at our football tailgates and made meatballs from scratch because the frozen ones contain pork. She even put together a meat plate for Ryan last time, so he could enjoy all the dairy appetizers at our early get-together, but have the meat appetizers saved for later. I couldn't ask for a better mom.

Ryan said the other night that he can imagine maybe wanting to mix meat and dairy someday, but he definitely doesn't want to eat pork. I fine either way. I think it's a nice reminder every day of who were are.

* our way

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