Sunday, August 5, 2007

Not much new to report...

We have our last class of the summer session two weeks from tomorrow. Then we'll be off for a while during the High Holidays.

Rabbi told me that the class will likely go for an entire year. That way we can learn about the different holidays and life cycle events as they occur. That seems like a good idea, but at the same time that seems like an awful long time.

Ryan and I are going to my first bar mitzvah in two weeks. It's for his cousin in Columbus, Ohio. I'm looking forward to it, though it'll be my first plane ride in 3.5 years! Yikes, how did I go so long. I guess when you really want to avoid something, you find a way.

In other news, Ryan and I began, ahem, training for a 5K in October. It's not really fair because Ryan's been working out pretty regularly while I sleep in and watch The View every day -- in bed. So needless to say, I'm totally out of shape. (But wouldn't that mean I was once in shape? Because I don't think I ever have been.) Anyway, I mention this because we're planning to run as part of the Temple Shalom team to support Habitat for Humanity. I signed us up because I thought it might be a good way to get to know some more people. We'll see how it pans out. So far I'm already tired.

I'll report more after the bar mitzvah and our last class.

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I wondered why you were looking for a track...