Monday, May 21, 2007

This is a test...

I've been a bad blogger.

Granted, I could write a lot about mundune things: what I thought of Desperate Housewives last night, lamentations on my awful gardening skills, my grandpa's 84th birthday... But I'm trying to keep this all on topic. And frankly, there hasn't been much on topic to write about.

Ryan and I just finished reading about practices in Basic Judaism. My favorite point was that traditionalist Jews fear adding practices and traditions just as much, maybe more so, than subtracting them. Once you begin to add or adjust traditions, it becomes easy to subtract the important ones and forget what they all mean to begin with.

Last week Ryan and I went to an acquaintence's house for a barbecue. They served pork and turkey. It was so sweet that they thought to make the turkey especially for Ryan and me. Ryan and I don't keep kosher but I've been thinking about trying it for a certain short period of time, just for the experience.

I'm hoping to get some movement on my classes soon. I e-mailed the rabbi on Saturday and haven't heard from him. I know he's been busy planning the Blintz dinner and Tikkun marathon classes tomorrow. We'll see... As soon as classes start, I'm sure I'll have lots more to write about.

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