Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Rabbi

The rabbi for the southern half of Northwest Arkansas is a little flighty.

We've met twice now in his office at the University of Arkansas. Both times he has been late, mostly because of his habit of biking to work every day. He is a professor of philosophy and studied at Harvard. He's an interesting guy, but our personalities don't mesh very well. I like to be on task and know exactly what I need to be studying to prepare for our meetings. His lessons tend to wind around in circles and finally end when he's forgotten where he's started about three times.

He became a rabbi about a year ago. He took a sabbatical in a recent semester to study in Israel. He knows a lot about a lot, I think. He just doesn't do a very good job of filling me in.

I think he's a bit overwhelmed (aren't we all?) because he has eight candidates for conversion. He wants to arrange a group class, which I'm all for, though I worry I'll miss out on one-on-one interaction I think is necessary. Additionally, my schedule is crazy, so I'm not able to attend Shabbat services or other group activities.

I keep telling myself that this will only make the experience better for me personally. Like shopping for Passover, this teaches me how to be independent in my faith wanderings and not rely on someone so much. I keep telling myself that.

Here's hoping the rabbi will finish his taxes and get together a group class soon, because I have lots of questions.

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