Friday, April 27, 2007


Still no word from the rabbi about a group class. We haven't met in more than a month.

I am officially annoyed.


Jody said...

I'm annoyed too! I'd like to think it's because he's busy (being a professor first and then a rabbi) but there is no excuse for this. I'm sure the others are annoyed as well. I guess you'll have to keep after him. I'm disappointed especially because you are.

Sheila said...

Dear Michelle,
I haven't been on your website for a while, so I caught up this morning. Great entries!
I loved the one about you observing Shabbot alone when Ryan was out of town. Don't worry about mispronouncing the words of the prayers. I'm sure you did better than those who are born into Judaism.
I'm sorry the rabbi is being so inconsiderate, especially since he has so many who want to learn about and possibly convert to Judaism. How Frustrating! He needs someone like us (A-type personality) to whip him into shape.
Take care Michelle...say hi to Ryan.

Jennifer said...

Maybe you should find a different Rabbi.